Facial Hair
Removing Facial Hair

should never be used for eyebrows or around the eyes. I do not
recommend it for any kind of facial hair because most depilatories are very caustic and
can burn sensitive facial skin..

Vaniqa is a prescription-only topical cream for reducing and inhibiting the growth of
unwanted facial hair. It takes at least 4 weeks to see any results. The most frequent side
effects are adverse skin reactions.

Electrolysis will permanently remove hair, but it takes repeated treatments and can be
expensive. The hair is removed by sending an electrical current to the hair follicle to
destroy the root, ensuring that the hair will not grow back. Most electrolysis machines
use a needle to introduce a fine wire under your skin as the electricity conductor. Each
hair is treated separately, which makes it very time-consuming. If the technician fails to
accurately target the root, the hair can grow back, which is why you may need repeated
treatments. The best way to find a trusty professional is to use the list of licensed and
certified electrologists from the International Guild of Hair Removal Specialists at www.

Kalo, is an herbal treatment that is combined with your usual hair removal method. Kalo
comes in a spray or lotion, which you apply to your skin after you’ve shaved, waxed,
tweezed, or had an electrolysis treatment, or whatever method you use. You apply it
three times the day of the hair removal and three times the next day. Your hair will come
back more fine and will re-grow more slowly until the hair is completely gone.

laser is a concentrated pulse of light that is focused on a small area of your skin and it
will remove all the hair in that area. The laser pulse is absorbed by the hair and travels
to the root. At the root, the energy becomes hot heat and will destroy the follicle so hair
cannot grow back. The laser can only eliminate hair that's currently in a growth cycle. In
any given area, the hairs will be in different stages of their growth cycle, so three
treatments are recommended over a few months to ensure you’ve removed all the hair
from any one area. Laser is fast and long lasting, especially when treating large areas.
You can use laser on your face but do not use it anywhere near your eyes.

Threading is a form of hair removal long practiced in India, Pakistan and the Middle
East. In the hands of a skilled technician, threading results in clean lines to the
eyebrows, and can be used to remove hair from the upper lip and the face. The
technician uses a piece of 100% cotton thread which is twisted and pulled along the
area of unwanted hair, lifting hair directly from the follicle. The pain experienced during
threading is no worse than that experienced during tweezing or waxing.

Tweezing is done with a metal forceps to manually pull our hair by the root, one hair at a
time. It is best used on small areas, like your eyebrows, to remove stray hairs. NEVER
tweeze nose hair – you risk infection because your nose is a warm, moist incubator for
molds. In rare instances, you may get a pitted scar from tweezing facial hair..
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