Bikini Area
Bikini trim (removing pubic hair)

Shaving with a razor:

1. Start with a good razor with a curved edge, like Bikini Plus. Donít use a disposable
razor! The blades are cheaply made and will be too harsh for your sensitive skin.
Secondly, do this is a well-lit room. You must be able to see all angles of your intimate
area to be able to see and shave all the hair you want to remove. Finally, you must not
be shy about touching yourself. You will get to know your intimate area intimately in this

2. If this is your first shave, first cut your pubic hair short with a scissors. You canít shave
long hair with a razor.

3. Soften your skin and your pubic hair by taking a hot bath or shower, or by pressing a
hot washcloth on the area. Keep your skin wet and add a softener to your hair. I like to
use hair conditioner to soften hair I want to shave. (This is a good tip for your legs and
underarms, too. I tried all brands of shaving foams but I find hair conditioner to be the
best preparation. The thing I like best about using conditioner is that it does not clump
up in the razorís blade.)

4. Hold the skin taut and shave in the same direction as the hairís growth. IGNORE
direction of your hairís growth will hurt and will not make the shave any smoother.
Smoothness comes from using a sharp razor. The skin in this area is so delicate that I
urge you to use a new razor every time you shave.

5. If you use conditioner as your softener, you can shave repeatedly over an area to get a
close shave. Use short strokes and be gentle. Pressure will not make a closer shave.

6. You can decide how much you want to remove. If youíre shaving to please men, my
experience is that most men like a totally nude look. I also found that itís easier to shave
totally than to maintain a ďMohawkĒ or ďlanding stripĒ like you sometimes see in menís
magazine photos of naked women.

7. I like to apply aloe afterwards to soothe the skin. I recommend Key West Aloe, which
is 94% aloe. Go to to order. (I am not paid for this endorsement,
nor do I get any commission from them, nor do I know anyone involved in the company. I
do not own stock, nor have I ever worked for them. I just love their product. Itís good for
soothing any skin irritation.)

8. Some women need to use a moisturizer to kept the skin soft after shaving, and some
women need to use a talc to keep the area dry after shaving. It all depends on your
environment (tropical? Arctic?) and the clothes you wear (natural fibers? Synthetics?
Tight panties?)

Waxing your intimate area:

I donít wax my intimate area; I shave. Therefore, I cannot personally vouch for this
section. Iím passing on this information from my colleague who uses wax. In order for
your hair to be long enough to embed in the wax, it must be about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Thatís
too long for me to wait, which is why I shave.

1. Your hair will have to be dry and not softened in order for the hair to embed in the wax.
Therefore, donít bathe or shower or soften the skin or the hair.

2. As with any chemical product that touches your skin, test a small area first to be sure
youíre not allergic or that itís not too caustic. Be sure to use a wax specifically made for
the bikini area.

3. Heat the wax as instructed on the productís label. The wax  should be pliable (mushy)
but not thin (watery).

4. Make sure you skin is completely clean Ė no softeners, no moisturizers, no lotions.

5. Apply the wax in strokes that go in the same direction as the hair growth, then pull it in
the opposite direction of the hair growth. My colleague says donít pull it at a 90 degree
angle Ė pull it more like 180 degrees. (Who knew you need to know geometry to wax
your bikini area?) Repeat this until youíve removed all the hair you want to.

6. Remove any left over wax with a warm washcloth. My colleague says you wonít need
to treat the skin with Key West Aloe afterwards. (Thatís my second plug; see step 7
under ďShavingĒ for information on my favorite skin product.)

7. A day or two after the waxing, youíll need to use a scrub of some kind to polish the
area. It seems the waxing encourages your hair follicle roots to close, which will
increase your chances of ingrown hair. This scrub will have to be abrasive, not gentle.

8. Donít wear restrictive clothing for two days after waxing. Too tight clothes will trap
moisture, which can also increase your chances of ingrown hair..
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