Dry Hair
Dry hair occurs when your scalp produces a less than average amount of oils to
naturally moisturize the shaft. Either you have few oil glands, or the glands produce
a low amount of oil; dry hair is not influenced by hormones. Dry hair tends to occur in
the darker shades, and it holds a style for along time. Dry hair does not respond well
to perms or coloring and will become brittle due to water loss unless great care it

1. Use a shampoo with a rich emollient that will clean and soften your hair. Look for
products like Revlon’s Milk Plus 6 for Dry Hair or Nexxus’s Assure that have protein
and balsam.

2. If you have dandruff, use a shampoo with coal tar like Denorex.

3. Naturally dry hair, unlike dry hair caused by processing or coloring, is not weak or
brittle, so you can use a conditioner that contains ingredients like ammonium salts
to make your hair soft and manageable. Look for Tame or Ivory Conditioner.

4. If the ends are extra dry, look for a conditioner with protein or balsam like
Neutrogena Conditioner or Nexxus’s Ensure.  

5. For styling products, look for alcohol-free ones. Clairol’s Condition Styling Gel,
Revlon’s Flex Body Building Mousse are two options.

6. After you’ve washed, conditioned, added styling product, and dried your hair, rub a
little facial moisturizer onto your palms and run them through your hair. Then brush
your hair to distribute the moisturizer..
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