Finding a Good Brush
Treat your hair kindly by using a good brush. This is what to look for:

1) Must be made of animal bristles that have naturally rounded tips. Nylon or any
manufactured bristles have straight ends that can snag the hairshaft and cause it to

2) The bristles must be evenly spaced, embedded in rubber, and attached to a sturdy
handle. Rubber will cut down on the static electricity that is built up when you brush.

3) Don’t pull the brush through a tangle. Spray the tangle with a dilution of crème rinse
to loosen it, then use your fingers to separate the tangle, then brush.

4) Wash the brush every other time you wash your hair. The best solution is to add a
dollup of your shampoo with a few drops of ammonia in warm water.

5) Give your self a frequent brush massage about once a week. Don’t overdo this –
once a week is sufficient.

Brush with firm, regular stokes from scalp to the chin, until the scalp tingles – about 10
minutes. Then hold your hair in one hand and brush the ends below your chin. You don’
t want to run the brush all the way through long hair in one stroke because it puts too
much pressure on the root and could pull the shaft from its root. Finally, bend over and
brush the underside from your nape to the top of your head in short, regular stokes..
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