Shower Tips

Skin softener:
In a blender, mash three peeled cucumbers. Cucumbers provide gentle toning
and stimulate new cell production. While showering, apply the mash to a hard
sponge and scrub your entire body. Rinse well.

Skin exfoliator:
Use Epsom salts as a body scrub to exfoliate skin and fight cellulite.

Body energizer:
Brush your skin with a vegetable brush while showering. Use circular, upward
sweeping strokes towards your heart. This method exfoliates dry skin, improves
circulation, and aids elimination.

Hair energizer:
Rub your entire scalp briskly, using your knuckles and fingertips. Grab handfuls
of your hair neat the roots. Gently pull your hair for ten seconds, covering your
entire scalp.

Muscle relaxer:
1) Apply a thin film of bath oil on your shoulders and neck. Drape a large towel
over your shoulders and step under a hot shower. The towel’s wet heat will help
the oil penetrate, thus softening skin and relaxing muscles.
2) Raise your shoulders as high as possible. Drop them quickly, exhaling
forcefully. Repeat four or five times

Fight cellulite:
Add rosemary oil to a loofah and scrub cellulite-prone areas. rosemary oil is a
natural diuretic that works with steam and heat to release body of excess water,

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