Bath Damage Control

For oily skin:
Add any combination of overripe citric fruits (lemons, oranges, and grapefruits) to the
bath water. Citric acids kill bacteria, removes impurities, and dry up excess oil. It
smells great, too.

For dry skin:
1) Add baking soda to bath water to moisturize skin.
2) Add ten drops of rose oil under running water. Rose oil hydrates the skin and
smells wonderful.

Skin softeners:
1) Brew ten ginseng tea bags in a large teapot and pour into bath water. Ginseng
helps soften, tone, and refine skin, and it fights aging. Ginseng is an herbal tea that
will not stain your skin.
2) Mix: three cups uncooked oatmeal, two cups wheat bran, and 1/4  cup aloe vera
gel. This mixture will be thick. Scrape it into an old stocking and tie the open end.
Drop the stocking into the bath, and keep it there while you soak. Then use the
stocking as scrub brush while you bathe.

Skin exfoliator:
Add a packet of powdered milk under running bath water. Milk is full of lactic acid, a
natural alpha-hydroxy acid that gently exfoliates dead skin.

Mix: two teaspoons ginger with two teaspoons dried mustard and add to the bath
water. The ingredients will combat menstrual bloating.

Mix 1/4  pound sea salt with one pound baking soda and add to a warm bath. Soak
until water is cool. This bath not only soothes the skin, but helps it dispose of toxic

A hint about face masks:
Let the mask set while you bathe. The steam helps encourage the nutrients to enter
into your skin.

Mix two teaspoons sea salt with one teaspoon vinegar. Massage the mixture on dry
legs before showering. This will stimulate the lymphatic system and gives the skin a
healthy glow.

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