Shaving Tips

1) First thing in the morning is not the best time to shave. Your skin will be puffy,
making it difficult to get to the bottom of the hair shaft you seek to remove.

2) Donít ever shave dry hair. Take you shower or bath before you shave, giving the
hair time to become engorged with water and thus an easier target to shave.

3) For a close shave, scrub your skin with an abrasive sponge to remove dead skin
around the hair shaft.

4) Try hair conditioner instead of shaving cream; itíll leave your skin very soft.

5) Change the razor blade after every third shave to reduce friction. You donít want to
irritate your skin more than necessary.

6) Shave from bottom to top: ankles, legs, bikini line, then underarms. This gives the
sensitive areas time to soften in the showerís steam.

7) In the sensitive areas, shave in the same direction as the hair growth.

8) Use as little pressure as possible on your razor. Use a razor with a hefty handle
instead of pressing hard.

9) Always apply a moisturizer after shaving to prevent flaky skin.

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Shaving Tips

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