Lip Damage Control

Chapped lips:

These form when your lips donít have enough moisture to keep them supple. A waxy
balm like Chapstick or Vaselineís Lip Therapy will help shield your lips so they can
recover from dehydration. If your lips are irritated, use a product with menthol or
camphor to soothe while you heal. Many people like the sensation of Blistex Lip


Your lips are very easily burned, so always apply a lip balm with a sunscreen when
youíre going outside. I prefer aloe in my sunscreens and I use Blistexís Daily
Conditioning Treatment. Neutrogena has a Smile Lip Moisturizer thatís also nice.

Rough Lips:

As we age, the texture of your lips will change. Such grainy textures are magnified
when using lipstick. To minimize this, apply a waxy base coat before applying lipstick.
This base will smooth out the lip surface and will also make the lipstick last longer.
Elizabeth Arden has a Lip-Fix cream that does the trick nicely.

Upper Lip Grooves:

Smokers often have grooves in the upper lip from years of lip pursing while puffing.
Sun exposure will also break down the collagen, resulting in fine lines from the top lip
to your nose. If the lines are not too deep, you can tighten the skin before applying
make up by using a product with serum albumin. Elizabeth Ardenís Bye Lines, Revlon
Reveal Anti-Wrinkle Serum, Clinique Advanced Stop Signs Age Defending Serum,
and Perfectionist Correcting Serum for Lines/Wrinkles by Estee Lauder will all help.

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